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  Visitors & Deliveries

Who Can Authorize Visitors & Deliveries - Your employer has provided the Management Office with certain qualifications to your access privileges. To determine whether you are authorized by your employer to permit the access of visitors and deliveries, please contact your employer's Access Card Administrator.

Visitor Management System (VMS)

It is highly recommended that all expected visitors get pre-authorized prior to their visit. Tenants may utilize the Visitor Management System to create a request for an expected visitor. When a visitor is pre-authorized, they can be processed in the Visitor Management System in about 30 seconds. Pre-authorizing visitors allows you to maximize convenience to your visitors.

Access to the Visitor Management System (VMS) - Access to the VMS system is via Kastle Security System (mykastle.com) and can be obtained by contacting the Management Office. Instructions for logging into the Visitor Management System can be found here.

Pre-Authorization of Visitors & Deliveries - When your visitor or delivery person arrives at the Reception Desk, the person should provide the security officer on duty with picture identification, your name and your employer. If pre-authorized, the visitor or delivery person will be given a date sensitive badge and will be sent to the appropriate elevator and the elevator cab will be sent to the appropriate floor. Please note that some Tenants require a phone call be made to you or an authorized representative to announce your visitor has arrived. Notification procedures vary by Tenant.

Announcement of Visitors and Deliveries - If your employer has not restricted your right to permit visitors and deliveries, and if the visitor has not been pre-authorized, the security officer on duty will use the telephone number corresponding to your name in the access control computer to contact you in your office. If you do not answer the telephone, the security officer on duty will attempt to contact you through a second telephone number, if one was provided by your employer's Access Card Administrator. If the security officer on duty confirms that you wish to permit the visitor or delivery person to have access, the security officer will verify their picture identification, log the visitor on the access control computer, give them a date sensitive badge, and provide them with directions to the appropriate elevator. The security officer will also release the elevator cab, if after hours, to be sent to the appropriate floor.

Food Deliveries - Food delivery personnel will not be permitted in the high-rise. Tenants should leave a contact phone number when they call in their order. Security will use this number to notify the tenant of the delivery so that they may come down to pick it up. If security cannot reach the tenant, they will call the main reception area or contact number supplied by your administrator. This contact will then be responsible for locating the employee who placed the order. In the event that there is a large order that requires the assistance of the delivery person, he or she will be given a date sensitive badge and the tenant will be permitted to escort them up to their suite.
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