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The Wanamaker Office Building


The Wanamaker Office Building is equipped with a Kastle Access System.

The system locks and unlocks doors and elevators at pre-scheduled times. Access to most locked doors and elevators is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by using a computer-coded Access Card provided by the Management Office to your employer. There is also an intercom at the main entrances (northwest and southwest doors of the Juniper Street Plaza) which communicates with the security officer in the Security Command Center for after-hours assistance in obtaining access for visitors, delivery persons and others without Access Cards.

Access Cards can be authorized or revoked by Building Management when directed by your employer's Card Administrator or other authorized representative(s). All building occupants are required to use the access cards to enter and exit the building at all times. All visitors and deliveries will be announced and date sensitive badges will be used to discern the visitors from the building employees.

An allotment of Access Cards will be issued to new Tenants based on the rentable square footage of their suite/150 plus an additional 20% (i.e. 7,000rsf/150 + 20% = 56 Access Cards). The initial allotment of Access Cards will be issued at no cost to the Tenant. After the initial allotment has been expended, additional card can be obtained from the Management Office at a cost of $11 per card.

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