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The Wanamaker Office Building

  Wanamaker Bees

The Wanamaker Office Building has joined the urban beekeeping movement!

We are supporting two thriving, life sustaining hives on the roof of our building. Urban beekeeping has become critical in supporting and increasing healthy bee populations, and hives located in cities are known to thrive. Urban bees have access to greater biodiversity, resulting in stronger hive immunity and a more varied diet. Our bees will fly as far as 3 miles to collect pollen and return to the hive to support the population of approximately 58,000 bees...and growing. Bees are critical to human survival as they are the pollinators that support approximately 1/3 of all the food we consume, and healthy city hives are increasingly important as urban areas continue to expand.

Our two bee families are very gentle and don’t swarm, only leaving the hive to gather and return, and are fascinating to watch. We recognize that most of you can’t visit our bees in person, but we can happily bring the bees to you. If you have a few minutes and would like to meet your bees, please visit myhive.alveole.buzz/wanamaker-building and watch a livestream of the bees at our BeeCam beecam.100penn.com.

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